Freedom of Press: Myanmar’s Actual Ranking

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In 2016, Myanmar ranked place 143 on the Reporters Without Borders’ (RSB) barometer of Freedom of the Press.

In 2020, it changed to the 139th.

Reasons for the only slight improvement, over a span of four years, are especially related to the handling of news covering the pandemic.

Main reasons mentioned are „the blocking of 221 websites due to ‚fake news‘ related to Covid-19“ and „obstructing coronavirus coverage”. Germany is also accused of this action. Another aspect is the „internet cut in Rakhine“, and the heavily sanctioned interview of Mandalay-based editor Nay Myio Lin (Voice of Myanmar) with the speaker of the Arakan Army (AA).

The AA is one of the main opponents of the Burmese military (Tatmadaw) in Rakhine as well as in Northwestern Myanmar.

Globally, in 2020 the Freedom of Press index is led by Norway, whereas North Korea comes last. CMM

main source: Reporters Without Borders, accessed 09.10.2020

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