Dr. Cordula Mahnkopf

present: consultancy on Myanmar

2023 presentation “Taking Sides. Humanitarian Resistance as an Alternative Form of Aid Giving at the Thai-Myanmar Border” | 15th International Burma Studies Conference. Envisioning Myanmar: Crisis, Change, Continuity, 9-11 June, University of Zurich

2022 presentation “Myanmar after the Coup d’État” | House for the United Nations, e.V., Berlin

Colloquium of the Myanmar Insitute e.V. at Humboldt University, Berlin: “The Forgotten Crisis of Myanmar”

2021 reviewer | trainer: country analysis Myanmar at giz

2017 founding of myanConsult

2015-2016   visiting professor: Berlin School of Economics and Law, department of economics

2008-2015   lecturer at University of Duisburg-Essen, Leuphana University Lüneburg, Berlin School of Economics and Law

2008             Dr. phil., FU Berlin

2004-2007   dissertation at John-F.-Kennedy-Institut on U.S. strategies in the Asia Pacific after World War II with a focus on public diplomacy in Burma/Myanmar

1997-2000   USA / upstate New York

1991-2003   media work with Süddeutsche Zeitung:  München / New York; SPIEGEL ONLINE; FAZ

1987             M.A., FU Berlin, history and Latin philology

1981-1987 university education at Berlin, Heidelberg, Padova